Adolf Schiferli


My father was Adolf Schiferli, also known as Dolf.


Adolf Schiferli ?/span>married Maria Elisabeth van Dingstee on 23 June 1932 in Batavia (Netherlands Indies, now Indonesia).?She was born 22 November 1911 in Mangelang (Indonisia), and died 20 March 1974 in Leek (NL).?His second marriage was to Jeltje van Dijk on 16 February 1951 in Den Helder.?She was born 31 July 1927 in Leeuwarderadeel.


Children of Adolf Schiferli and Maria van Dingstee are:

*?Catherina Helena Schiferli (Lenie), born 17 April 1933, Bandoeng (Indonesia).

*?Maria Elisabeth Schiferli (Marie), born 25 May 1934, Bandoeng (Indonesia).

*?Wilhelmina Adolfina schiferli (Dolly), born 4 December 1935, Bandoeng (Indonesia).

*?Adolf Leopold Schiferli (Rolf), born 20 November 1948, Enschede (NL).



Children of Adolf Schiferli and Jeltje van Dijk are:

*?Richard Willem Johan Schiferli, born 30 October 1952, Den Helder; first marriage with Susanne Vorsteher, 27 August 1976.

Second marriage with Ann Lucinda Johnson, 6 August 1982, Den Helder; born 14 July 1950, in York, Pennsylvania - USA.

I met Ann on the s.s. Rotterdam (see also Maritime). In 1984 we stopped sailing and lived in Den Helder until 1987. Since then we have been living in Zoetermeer, which is located close to the Hague.


*?Petra Jeltje Schiferli was born on 8 January 1956 in Den Haag. She married Eduardus (Ed) Blokhoff.?He was born 9 January 1941 in Annapoulona.

Child of Petra Schiferli and Ed Blokhoff is Elody Valentine Blokhoff, born 28 January 1991.