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The top of the line in K-bikes, from my point of view:

K1100LT Special Edition



My first BMW was a K75C model. This three cylinder in line bike was a true pleasure to ride. The engine is very smooth and the Plexiglas windscreen makes driving at high speeds very comfortable. What the bike missed was the full fearing providing more protection.



After 2 years I moved up to the K75RT (1992) with ABS brakes. These bikes are hard to find with the ABS brakes. Once you have had to rely on the ABS during an emergency stop on a wet road, this feature is a must on all future bikes. At least in my opinion. The electric window as a great option. Up to 80-90 km/hr the window in raised position will take most of the wind away. With higher speeds I find it more comfortable to lower the window and thereby also reducing the drag of the bike.


Like I said, for me the K1100LT is the top of the line in K-Bikes. Several models of the K1100 were made but the Special Edition includes all features. Although the 4 cylinder does not run as smooth as the K75 model (3 cylinder) the raw power of the 16 valve engine really makes up for it. From 2000 rpm’s the bike will just go, and over 4000 rpm’s it seems like a “turbo” is kicking in.


* New BMW K1200S Super bike

BMW has released the details of its forthcoming K1200S, a radical departure for BMW and a motorcycle with a number of innovative features. Powered by a transverse in-line four instead of the longitudinal in-line fours in previous K models, BMW claims the 1157cc engine is the narrowest in it class and makes 160 horsepower.


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