Bernese Mountain Dogs



Our first Bernese: Blitzer van de Bennora



The Bernese is not only beautiful on the outside. His love is unconditional and always present.



When eyes look at you like this, there is no need for words.



Meet “LAYLA?~ our 7 week old Bernese which joined our family on 11 January 2004.





Our Layla is growing up fast, leaving marks of her strong little teeth everywhere, mostly in our hands and arms. Here she is in the garden 2 months old.




Toys, in particular anything that “pieps? are her favorite playthings. Her energy is endless and only late at night, after her last walk, she gives in and goes to bed. Resting for more play the next day.




Growing up goes too fast. From puppy to little dog is only a matter of a few months. This toy unfortunately did not last too long?o:p>





Favourite websites


*?Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America

*?Bernese Mountain Dogs graphics



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