The Schiferli family



My name is Richard Willem Johan Schiferli.


From what is known our family originates from Switzerland.


The family tree goes back to 1767 and our first ancestor Jacob Johan Schiferli (or Schifferlie) has been traced back to Chur. He met Catharina Freund 12 July 1801 in The Hague (Den Haag).




My grandfathers name was Willem Jacobus Carel Schiferli ?/span>(great grandson of Jacob Johan). He was born on 31 March 1874 in Den Haag.?His first marriage was with Maria Francisca Zwartjes. ?/span>She was born 14 July 1874 in Arnhem.?

His second marriage was with Kaatje Catharina Piket 1907.?She was born 20 October 1876.


Kaatje Schiferli-Piket


Willem Jacobus Carel Schiferli was known to have worked in a bakery until 1899 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After that he worked as a waiter in the restaurant of his father in Scheveningen.


Children of Willem Schiferli and Maria Zwartjes are:

*?Willem Jacobus Carel Schiferli, born 25 October 1896, Den Haag.

*?Theodora Maria Schiferli, born 24 October 1897, Leiden.


Children of Willem Schiferli and Kaatje Piket are:



*?Catharina Piket, born in November 1904 (died in 1907 of a lung infection).

*?Willem Jacobus Karel Piket, born 3 January 1906 (died 1990).

*?Adolf Schiferli, born 4 November 1909, Amsterdam (died 15 May 1984).

*?Dirk Johan Schiferli, born 20 May 1912 (died ..).


Dick, Wim and Dolf Schiferli


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