The Mauser I.G. Mod. 71/84 rifle


The Mauser I.G. (Infantrie Gewehr) Mod. 71/84 rifle was the first repeating rifle and was a further development from the Mod. 71 single shot rifle.

These Mausers were loaded with a 11,15 x 60 R cartridge. Notable difference for the 71/84 cartridge was the flat bullet. These bullets were loaded in the tubular magazine under the barrel holding 8 rounds.


The rifle shown is a Mauser I.G. Mod. 71/84


Many German infantry troops were issued with the 8 shot repeating rifle. Even in WW1 several regiments had to use this, by that time, old fashioned rifle firing black powder cartridges.


German Soldier with Mauser 71/84 rifle and fixed bayonet


The rifle was unique in a sense that most every part, including the screw were stamped with (part of) the serial number.



The regimental markings can be found on the but plate. As far as I can make out it reads: 37. R . 4

. 224. This could perhaps be the Fuesilier Regt. Nr. 37 von Steinmetz (1. Westpreuszisches).


Regimental markings on the but plate


The rear sight was one of best of its time with increments up to 1600 meters.


Rear sight in horizontal position



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