The Schmidt Rubin K31 rifle


Without dispute the K(arabiner) Model 31 can rank itself amongst the best military rifles made before the 2nd world war. Like any other Swiss rifle it is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship and has been tuned to perfection from the factory.

Special feature of this rifle is the “straight pull?action. The bolt is truly a masterpiece of engineering.


The first Schmidt-Rubin rifle with this type of action was the Model 1889, followed by the M1896/11, the M1911 and finally the K31.


The barrel is made from “special steel? and other weapon specifications are as follows:

*?/span>Length total: 1105 mm

*?/span>Length barrel: 652 mm

*?/span>Calibre: 7,5 x 55 Swiss (GP11)

*?/span>Weight: 4,0 kg

*?/span>Barrel with 4 grove right hand twist

*?/span>Sight adjustable from 100 to 1500 meters

*?/span>Sight line: 568 mm

*?/span>Magazine for 6 cartridges

*?/span>Weapon production cost: CHF 400 (260 EURO’s or 290 US$)

*?/span>Bayonets: 1914 Pioneer bayonet or (more common) the Model 1918 bayonet



Additionally the K31 can be equipped with diopter made by W+F (mounted on receiver housing) and tunnel front sight (mounted on front sight).


Schmidt-Rubin K31 with diopter



Alternatively an adjustable rear sight is also available. Most are adjustable for elevation only. A few models were made adjustable for windage AND elevation.


Schmidt-Rubin K31 with adjustable rear sight


*?Shooting with the Schmidt-Rubin rifle




There are many fine websites which explain all ins-and-outs of this excellent rifle. Some are listed below.



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