Shooting the Schmidt-Rubin rifle


In the Netherlands this rifle may be used in 3 different disciplines:


* Standard rifle (with diopter);


* Military rifle (also includes semi-auto rifles); and


* Veteran rifle (bolt action rifles before 2nd WW).






Mostly competitions are at a range of 100 meters, since 300 meter ranges are getting very scarce (in fact, 100 meter ranges are also being closed!).


The military GP11 round is not easy to find outside Switzerland. Recently, though, it is being offered in Holland for 235 (~ US$ 277) for 480 rounds.

A good overview on the GP11 round can be found on


My personal recommended reload is:

* RUAG case primed with Berdan primer

* 41 grains of VV N140

* 168 grain HPBT Lapua bullet


Taking the occasional “flyer” into account the following results should be possible.




Cartridge converter for K31 rifle

Since even 100 meter ranges are becoming scarce, practicing can be done at 50 meters using a conversion cartridge.

The adapter converts the 7,5 Swiss to 7,65 Browning (.32 Auto) as demonstrated below.





Do not expect match results from the S&B rounds, but for your rifle technique it is more important to concentrate on position, breathing and trigger.


Reduced loads for the K31 rifle

Many shooters of the Swiss rifle are fortunate to shoot a 100m or 300m ranges. At the same time in many countries, at least in Europe, these ranges are being shut down due to high environmental regulations. If we want to shoot our rifles, alternatives have to be looked in to. One of them is the 50 meter range and reduced charges.


For some time I have been experimenting with powders, loads and bullet types.

With some great assistance from the Forum I have had some good results with the following loads:

* 12 grains of VV N340 or N320 (which is slightly faster) pistol powder

* 100 grain Hornady short jacket bullet




When reloading with small amounts of powder, there is a danger of double charges, which may cause dangerous pressures when firing a round. Great care should be taken to avoid any double charge. After filling the cases from the powder measure, I always weigh each bullet on an electronic scale.


The results after 10 shots were a 4cm (1,5”) group the first time I tried this load (see picture).



Even better results were accomplished with a 100 grain Lapua HPCE Bullet.



On 21 August 2004, using the same load as above and a maximum OAL of 68,5 mm (2.690”) the following 10 shot group was accomplished at the 50 meter range, prone position (free hand) using the K-diopter (sorry about the flyer):




On 23 October 2004, I used the same load with the open sights resulting in the following 10 shot group at the 50 meter range, prone position (free hand):



Although there is nothing like shooting on a 300 or 100 meter range, the above alternative provides (almost) just as much shooting pleasure and training experience.

Besides the following positive elements shoot be taken into account:

* cases did not have to be sized. Only a new primer, powder and bullet seating was required. Resulting in longer case life.

* less powder used, which saves you money (or more shooting for the same amount).

* bullets are much cheaper than 168 grains match bullets (save even more money!).



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