Shooting the Springfield Trapdoor rifle


In the Netherlands this rifle may be used in historic weapon competitions shooting at 50 and 100 meter events.

The class is called “Dreyse” (for 50 meters) which includes all military breach loading rifles. Replica’s are also allowed.






A total of 13 shots are fired per series. The highest 10 shots of are counted for the total. For competitions and championships it is only allowed to reload with black powder.




Formula for accurate reloads:


*  Since I use my Federal cases in 2 different rifles, I size them all

*  Prime with large (magnum) rifle primer

*  Fill case with 30 grains of Swiss No.2 black powder and 18 grains of filler

*  Place wad on top

*  Lubricate 500 grain bullet (Lyman mould)

*  Seat bullet



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