Shooting the Vetterli rifle


Since rim fire cartridges are not available for shooting purposes any longer, the rifle can be modified to centre-fire.


Vet81 Centre fire bolt


?/span>Cartridges for can be formed from .348 Winchester brass.




Bullets are cast with a custom made mould.

Bullet specifications:

*?/span>calibre 10.8mm

*?/span>weight 20 grams (308 grains)

*?/span>soft lead


Original “Ordonnanz 1878?bullet specifications:

*?/span>calibre 10.4mm (paper patched)

*?/span>weight 20,2 grams (312 grains)

*?/span>99.5% lead and 5% antimony



Custom made bullet mould



Important before loading is that bullets are lubricated with the right grease




One of the best black powder brands available:




Formula for accurate reloads:


*?Cases do not need to be sized as long as they are used in the same rifle

*?Prime with large rifle primer

*?Fill case with 45 grains (2,92 grams) of Swiss No.2 black powder

*?Place 2 wads (from beer coaster) on top of powder

*?Lubricate bullet

*?Seat bullet


The 15 shots on the target below were produced on 6 July 2003, standing free hand at 50 meters. The 9 ring measures 10 centimetres.





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