The Swiss Vetterli rifle Model 1881


Classic Swiss rifle: Vetterli 1881 Stutzer (only issued to sharp shooters). Built by the Eidgenössische Waffenfabrik Bern. Cost price was 94 Swiss Franks.

1881 Vetterli Stutzer right side


1881 Vetterli Stutzer left side


The 1881 model of the Vetterli was the final development of this rifle before the Swiss army introduced the Schmidt Rubin rifle Model 1889.


Waffenfabrik Bern


Particular feature of the Stutzer rifles was the double trigger. When the rear trigger was pulled the front trigger would have an extremely light trigger pull. Ideal for sharpshooters and nowadays, for target shooting.


*?/span>Length weapon: 1320 mm (52.0 inches)

*?/span>Length barrel: 842 mm (33.1 inches)

*?/span>Weight: 4,7 kg (10.4 pounds)

*?/span>Barrel with 4 grove right hand twist

*?/span>Sight adjustable from 225 to 1200 meters (extended 1600 meters)

*?/span>Double set trigger system Schmidt

*?/span>Tube magazine for 12 cartridges

*?/span>Weapon consisted of 68 parts




The Vetterli was equipped with an impressive bayonet of 480 mm (18.9 inches):


Sabelbajonett, Model 1878, Var.2


Originally the rifle was made to shoot a rim-fire cartridge caliber 10,4 x 38


The Action of the Vetterli is shown in the pictures below:




The Vetterli was also a popular weapon for sharp shooting. In particular the M81 model was famous for high performance on the Swiss ranges.




Between 1869 and 1881 various models of the Vetterli rifle have been produced.

These include the some of the rifles below:

*?/span>Model 69 with receiver cover and King reloading gate

*?/span>Model 71

*?/span>Stutzer Model 71 with Thury trigger system

*?/span>Model 81

*?/span>Stutzer Model 81 with Rubin trigger system

*?/span>Frontier Guard carbine officially cut down from Model 71

*?/span>Cadet rifle Type 1




*?Shooting with the Vetterli rifle


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